April 6

Want to be an influencer? Here’s how.


With the current state of online entrepreneurship, quite a few people want to become the influencers of the Internet. We go on Facebook or Instagram, see the amazing pictures of beautiful, successful people with amazing items (boats, cars, watches etc) they possess and we want to be like them. We want to become influencers. 

Here’s the tricky part. To become an influencer you need to…influence people. You need to have mechanisms that will change people’s beliefs. That will take them from point A to point B and then to C and so on. Your job is to guide them and show them the path. There isn’t a shortcut to it. There is no magic formula to follow and become an influencer and a personal brand overnight. 

Even though there is no magic formula that will make you an influencer with a snap of your fingers, there are some fundamental elements you need to put in place and build a sphere of influence that will result in you becoming an important part of your clients’ lives – an influencer:

  1. Have you realized that you often talk with someone about a concept that is so familiar to you and that you believe so much in, that it blows your mind someone might not be “getting it”? The reason it happens is that you and those other people are on a different stage of the beliefs path. They have a different worldview than you have. Your job is to bridge that gap in worldviews so you are all “on the same page”
  2. You need to do your research and identify where they currently are, what is their current worldview. A direct marketer would start hitting their current worldview with some direct response marketing messaging – hitting the pain points, fears. This will work on some and will “convert” some people to take you up on your offer and purchase your product or service. Direct response marketing is a very common approach to selling online, but it won’t make you an influencer. And direct response tends to “push” people to do something while building a sphere of influence is a way to “pull” people towards something, to lead them. 
  3. Once you have identified what the current worldview of your audience is, your next step is to identify the steps they would need to take, the elements they need to understand to reach the same worldview you take. This is a journey you take them on. 
  4. Now, when their worldview is in the same spot yours is, they see you as an influencer – they know you, they trust you, they like you. This is when they will believe in your offers, products and services and will be eager to purchase them. 
  5. Some ways to build the sphere of influence are:
    • Running a series of online training sessions helping your audience understand the concepts and steps that are the “gap” between your worldviews
    • Writing a series of blog posts 
    • Educating using Facebook Live
    • Sending email nurturing sequence that guides your audience 

Building a sphere of influence is a long-term strategy that has the potential to build relationships with your audience for life and to impact the masses. Worth a try. 

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash


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