November 9

How We Used A ManyChat Bot To Deliver $3.81 Webinar Registrations With 16% Attendee Purchase Conversion



The Client


Stage Time University

Stage Time University is a heart-led training organization, helping its clients to master their messages and create unforgettable stories and to plant seeds of hope in the hearts of their audiences so that they can change the world one presentation at a time. 

The Challenge

Business requirements

Stage Time University came to us looking to scale their coaching program through Facebook advertising. They were looking to achieve results through automated webinars. We found that although the cost per sign-up was low at $3.71 per sign-up, the purchase conversion from the webinar was too low with the automated approach at 0.46%. Facebook also seemed to take a disliking to their ClickFunnels landing pages, so we had to get creative with alternative solutions.

The Solution

How did we approach it?

The first thing we did was think through alternatives to using ClickFunnels to sign people up. The instant solution for us was to use ManyChat instead – we knew we could sign users up directly into the next Zoom webinar. We also knew Darren was GREAT on camera, he’s a world-class speaker after all! So we recommend testing out live webinars instead of automated webinars.

So we got to work setting up the bot and connecting it to Zoom for instant registrations and to ActiveCampaign so that we could nurture our new registrants who signed up from the ads!

The Results

We got people opted into the bot at an average cost of $2.38. We noticed a slight increase in cost per webinar registration – from $3.71 with ClickFunnels to $3.92 with ManyChat. We increased the opt-in rate from 34% on average, to a whopping 62% meaning that we were converting far more people to sign up! 


The data showed very quickly that Darren was MADE to deliver webinars live. We saw the purchase conversion jump from 0.46% of sign-ups with the automated webinar to 3.72% of sign-ups with the live variation to the SAME audience! When looking at the attendee purchase conversion rate, it jumped up even higher to an incredible 15.83% !

Facebook often throws curveballs, and a low cost per sign-up doesn’t automatically mean that conversion will follow suit. With the right strategy and the right team who is committed to closing the loop on sales (and not just delivering cheap sign-ups!) – your profitability can skyrocket. Want to see how this could work for you? Get in touch!


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