April 29

Dos and Donts in marketing during a crisis


There is a difference between making money from the crisis and during the crisis. And during this unprecedented time you, as a business, need to tread carefully not to cross a fine line between keeping your business afloat and serving your clients versus taking advantage of the crisis to make a quick buck.

Some basic dos and dont’s to keep in mind right now:

  1. Keep serving your clients to the best of your ability. This is the time when your clients need you. Due to the information overload, shutdowns and confusion of what kind of businesses can be open and what should be closed, it’s important that you make sure your clients know you’re operational. A simple Facebook Ad that says “Hey [location] we’re still open and happy to serve you. Contact us at XYZ” will do
  2. Adjust your message to the current situation. If you keep a happy uplifting messaging you used to have before the crisis some of your potential clients might consider you tone-deaf. Make sure you recognize the situation and explain how you keep serving them. 
  3. Don’t use messaging that evokes fear. Everyone knows what the situation is, so there is no need to use click-baity, sleazy or sensational messaging in your marketing now just to get more clicks and more traffic to your website. Not only is this uncool but also against social media platforms’ policies.
  4. Don’t raise prices on products just because the demand is high (ex toilet paper, hand sanitizers etc). Now’s not the time for the quick buck as your clients are struggling to find essentials. Your help now will go a long way once all of this craziness is over.

Remember that all business is personal. And as a business owner make sure you run your business and your marketing with the main reason WHY you run this business in mind. That reason is to serve your clients. Your business should be there to serve them and provide them with value. Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure that what we do as businesses is helpful and tactful. 

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