Case Study: How We Made A MedSpa $67,910 With $761.47 In Ad Spend During Black Friday

By Charlotte Sargeant | Case Study

Apr 28

Case Study: How We Made A MedSpa $67,910 With $761.47 In Ad Spend During Black Friday  

The Client

Profiles Laser and Medical

Profiles Laser is a medspa in the US, providing a wide range of services to address age management, weight loss and aesthetics. Their goal is to help their clients to look and feel their best!

The Challenge

Business requirements

Profiles came to us looking to drive revenue via their huge Black Friday sale. As an agency, we have run their Black Friday promotions for the last 2 years. They offered discounts across a wide range of treatments, from facials, to Botox, to eyelash extensions. 

Campaign requirements

Profiles was looking to target their local area, sending traffic to a fully transactional funnel where users could purchase the deals online and receive an email with redemption and purchase details.

Desired outcome

Beat the previous year’s Black Friday sales of $44,360!

The Solution

How did we approach it?

We sent traffic to a fully transactional funnel landing page which displayed a countdown timer to create urgency. The funnel displayed all the offers, took payment, sent the data to Facebook™ and provided the customer with a confirmation email. 

We targeted users based on their location, those who live within close range of the medspa. We optimized the campaign for purchases and let Facebook™ work its magic at finding the best people within the audience to target, with the ads it deemed most appropriate. 

We utilized a mixture of creatives – both images and video. The ad copy referenced Black Friday, displayed some of the deals, reflected on the time of year and also drove urgency.

The Results

We blew the previous year’s Black Friday sales out of the water… We increased the revenue by 65%.

In total, we generated $67,910 in revenue from $761.47 in ad spend. 

2 ad creatives in particular drove the best cost per purchase, and so were favored by Facebook. The video creative delivered a cost per purchase of $6.11 and the medspa’s own image of a treatment taking place generated a cost per purchase of $9.43.

We had a call with our Facebook Representative and he was amazed by the results we got in this campaign. Here’s what he had to say “I’ve never seen a ROAS [return on ad spend] off 144 [meaning for every dollar spent you get $144 dollars in revenue] from a reach campaign”

Facebook representative feedback about the campaign performance

About the Author

Charlotte Sargeant, Media Buyer at Brand Central Marketing, has a history of both corporate and small/medium business marketing. What she loves most about working on Facebook ads and funnels is the ability to get data quickly and make changes in strategy and approach at lightning speed. Her ability to gather, interpret and act on data at this speed means she can deliver the best possible results for her clients. If she’s not knee-deep in Ads Manager, you can usually find her knee-deep in a field somewhere in the UK countryside playing with her puppy. Or potentially knee-deep in a gin bar - but don’t worry, these things are mutually exclusive!

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