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Mike Koziol, Head of Delivery at Brand Central Marketing, is a former corporate shark working with Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, to name just a few. He has a geeky side of his personality and loves to drive strategy and oversee delivery for our clients. Mike will build your strategy and will work with the team to have it delivered. He can occasionally geek out on Facebook ads (when Charlotte allows him to), be a smartass with processes (when Shanda is not looking), and click some buttons on the backend to build you a funnel. Mike loves the strategy side of the business, and he helps companies get clear on what it is that will move the needle.

Feb 25

Why your marketing does not work

By Michal Koziol | Uncategorized

Every business needs marketing to grow. No matter how great your service/product is or how amazing your offers are, without marketing nobody will know your business exists. And most business owners are aware of that these days. They build their funnels and marketing campaigns or hire agencies like ours to take everything off their plates and provide expert-level services. 

The awareness of the need to have marketing in place is there among business owners. They get creative with their funnels, implement new channels like messenger bots or text messaging. They hire creative “growth-hackers” to help them implement. 

And all that is great, but there are two big problems and a bit of a blind spot that nobody seems to be talking about… 

The rise of shiny objects

Ah, yes, new ways of doing things. New ways to “hack” the algorithm of social media platforms. New tools and vehicles to make your marketing work – messenger bots, text messaging, website notifications, 3 hour-long webinars, 5-minute VSLs… Growth hackers and tools scraping data from websites and Facebook groups. 

All that promising to give you results fast and…in a not-sustainable way.

Tactics to make you big money quick and…get shut down even quicker. 

Don’t get fooled by those shiny objects promising unreasonable results. There are no shortcuts to building a brand, understanding what your audience needs, playing the long-term sustainable way vs looking at the quick buck this month. If you want to build a real business there is no room for gimmicks. 

This is not to say that you should not try to implement what’s new on the market. Quite the opposite (see my next point below). This is to say that there is no “golden fix” to all your problems. There isn’t just one magic switch or button that will all of the sudden produce hundreds of orders on your site or tens of scheduled paid consultations. The good-old approach to building strong business and marketing foundations always wins. The tools and gimmicks are just ways to leverage the foundations, not to build them.

Set-and-forget nail to the marketing coffin

Marketing is not a “set and forget” approach. Marketing is not static. Why? Because our environments and business ecosystems are not stable. People change their approach to how they purchase and hire. Their purchasing behavior changes. Their research behavior changes. New tools and ways to make business are introduced to the market on a daily basis. For that reason, you cannot build a funnel, flip the switch and expect it to work forever and ever. 

Good marketing strategy is – and has always been – to implement, analyze, tweak, implement. Rinse and repeat. There is no one-size-fits-all. There is no set-and-forget. There is no just-press-the-button and we’re good to go approach. Unless you are ok with mediocre and/or non-sustainable results that is.

We understand how difficult it is to stay on top of what works and what doesn’t. To be up to date with the newest developments in the marketing world. To keep implementing, analyzing and tweaking. We spend countless hours and big checks to learn and train our team to do exactly that – stay on top and be a partner in getting you the results you’re after. 

Nov 12

Automate Your Agency Lead Generation Funnel

By Michal Koziol | Uncategorized

… get better conversion results, save time and sanity

What is the lifeblood of any business? Clients, customers, leads, prospects – people who buy your products and services. If you are running a marketing agency (or any other agency business) you need to ensure your business gets a constant flow of high-quality leads that your sales team can turn into high-quality clients. 

There are a couple of elements you need to take into account and make sure you have in place to ensure the “constant flow of high-quality leads” happens AND that the flow is as smooth as possible so you are not losing any leads throughout the process. Let’s dive into the two most important elements.

Automated lead generation – if you want to have a healthy business with a strong pipeline of leads you need to make sure you have a strong lead-generation system in place. 

Relying on referrals is not a good option since you cannot really control this source of leads. You cannot force people to talk about you and bring you business. You cannot give them a script to follow to ensure they warm-up leads to work with you. Going to conferences and networking is a great way to get more business, BUT it relies on you (or your business development team) to take part in those events and that can be quite an exhausting (all those drinks to consume…), time-consuming and pricey experience (event tickets, flight tickets, hotels, entertainment). 

So having an automated funnel that will help your business get more leads is one of the best decisions you can make. Build a landing page with an offer, send traffic to that landing page, jump on a sales call and voila – pipeline full.

Pipeline flow – as you put the automated lead generation in place, it is just a matter of how much traffic you send to your landing page to get busy. This is – obviously – a huge simplification, as the number of leads you are getting is a function of the traffic source, offer and the effectiveness of your funnel, but once you have everything dialed in, it really is a matter of how much ad budget you have to put behind the traffic that hits your landing page. 

This brings me to the next very important element – more leads. With a good automated lead generation process you will end up having tons of new leads every week asking to work with you. The volume of leads, questions, emails, discovery calls will have a huge impact on your operations and can lead to chaos. How do we deal with that? I’m glad you asked. 

You need to prepare your business for the flood of leads and the best way to do it? Automation. Make sure that your CRM/emailing system is set up in a way that it moves leads through your pipeline automatically. 

For example, If your lead-generation and sales process relies on discovery calls, your CRM/emailing system should receive the intake form, tag the contact as a lead, check if the contact has scheduled the discovery call with you, send an automated email if he/she hasn’t scheduled to incentivize the lead to schedule the call, send an automated welcome video etc. All of that is set up once, and just works in the backend as new leads come in. There is no need to send emails manually, send reminders, find contact info. Set and forget.

So, there you have it – two CRUCIAL elements to achieving a state of zen in your business. The leads are coming in on a regular basis (aka a cracked funnel) and your system takes care of a smooth flow of those leads through your funnel steps.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!