May 6

How to leverage digital marketing and digital solutions for your offline business


Closing the world down due to Coronavirus was a surprise for all of us. Businesses went in lockdowns quickly and unexpectedly. Companies large and small suddenly found themselves in an unprecedented situation – without any plans for dealing with the situation. 

But the global COVID-19 pandemic truly is a catalyst for change. Think about where the world has already been going: moving from offline to online or a hybrid model needed to happen. COVID just made all of these changes necessary RIGHT NOW. 

  • Banks and other financial institutions need to adjust their operations as there is no way you can have in-person operations. That means cashing checks, making payments, sending money transfers and all other in-person actions now needed to be handled online. 
  • Fitness and yoga studios can no longer work in-person to provide their services. 
  • Bakeries cannot sell bread, retailers cannot sell their products, barbers cannot fix our hair. 
  • At first sight, one could say “we’re doomed.” But in reality, COVID is just a catalyst of moving your operations online – partially or fully. 

Here at BCM, we are yet to find a service that was not able to move their operations online. We’re a marketing agency, but we’ve been working with businesses from every niche to help them convert to the online world. In fact, we’ve developed a product that allows businesses from a variety of  industries to move online (check Booked Solid HERE)

  • Fitness studios can record videos and full programs of at-home workouts and sell those programs online – as a one time access or a monthly subscription. 
  • Bakeries can turn into online stores, selling their products or kits to make bread at home. A bakery from California has opened an e-Commerce site, selling bread-making kits to the masses of new home bakers!  
  • Barbers and beauty studios have started offering online classes on how to cut your own hair, and how to take care of your nails and skin. 
  • Apparel stores are selling on Instagram stories with pictures of clothes and accessories and scheduling curb-side pickups 
  • Dog training facilities are selling memberships with full training programs their clients can go through and train their puppies at home. 

These are just a few examples of how you can transform your business so that it’s ready for today’s reality. Is it comfortable to change? Of course not, especially when the change is forced by a global pandemic without time for preparation. But it’s a change that can save your business. 

Here are a few solutions that can help you during these difficult times:

  • You’re too understaffed to respond to customer requests – leverage messenger bots to answer most commonly asked questions
  • You’re accustomed to selling in-person and offline – open an e-commerce store 
  • You have a “following” on social media – leverage the social media platforms to sell there
  • You provide in-person consulting – leverage online video conferencing
  • You lead group exercise classes or offer personal training – use video conferencing to guide people through their workout and other fitness activities

There are so many options available and this time can be a huge opportunity for you. This is the time when you can get ahead of your competition. 

Feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation on how we can help you take your business online. 


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