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Mar 08

Do I Need A Funnel Or A Website?

By Karen Sahetya | Uncategorized

In short, the answer is yes. You need a website and a funnel, but if you really push me to choose, I’ll pick a funnel. You might be wondering what the difference is between a traditional website and a sales funnel.

What’s the difference?

Websites are like online billboards. They’re informational, a good overview of what your business does, and it houses some options to get in touch – maybe through a contact form, a phone number, or if you’re adapting to the market then through live chat. You might even have value-based content on your website in exchange for a prospect’s information. Sometimes the problem with a website is that there’s too much information. There are so many pages to visit, buttons to click, and information to read.

Meanwhile, a funnel serves one main purpose. Maybe the purpose is to exchange a piece of valuable content for your prospect’s information; or it’s designed to sell a program. Whatever action you want a prospect to take, a funnel is designed to drive people to that option. Their choices are to opt-in or click away and nothing in between. The focus is on the offer.

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